Sarband have gained an international reputation for their numerous CDs, also because the group fully exploits the medium as an independant channel of communication and work of art. Sarband received numerous awards, among them: Grammy Nomination 1994 / Echo Klassik 2003 and 2006 / Premio Mousiké 2007 / German World Music Award 2008. Sarband also has recorded under different project names: «L'Orient Imaginaire» for  traditional oriental repertoire CDs, «Vox» for productions involving computer acoustics and electronics, «Metamorphoses» for some collaborative projects, and «Cycle» for a recording with only voices and percussion.
Below, you will find an overview of all Sarband recordings.

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All Roads lead Home - Christmas Compilation 2016

24 Medieval Christmas songs - almost 2 hours of music - from around the Mediterranean, leading you up the road to Christmas night. In this very feminine Christmas collection, the female singers of Sarband are mainly praising the Mother of God, Mary. Excerpts from Sarband's CDs released in the last 26 years, accompanied by some recordings from concerts, only released in this compilation. The downloads are only available from 01.12.2016 - 06.01.2017. They include 11 pages of song texts (pdf) with translations in German and English. At Our Shop

The Arabian Passion According to J.S. Bach

The complexity of J.S. Bach's Passions meet Arab music and Jazz. The Arabian Passion is a
musical plea for peace, nourished by the confidence which is the base of Bach's Passions: 
that one day all suffering will come to an end. WDR/JARO 2009 At Our Shop                                    

Vox Feminae

Female paths to God in medieval sacred music from Orient & Occident:  Chants from the
Early Christian Oriental repertoire, medieval songs & polyphony, psalms from rural Sweden.
World of Sarband 2006. Published again Soon!

Sacred Bridges

Sarband & The King's Singers - Psalm settings from three religions serve as a source of
spirituality, a political instrument, a link between tradition and present, but most of all
as a path leading humans together. Signum & World Village 2005 At Our Shop                                     

The Waltz

Sarband & Concerto Köln - Travels from Viennese Waltz Ecstasy
to the Mysticism of the Whirling Dervishes in Constantinople.
Deutsche Grammophon / Archiv 2005 - Echo Klassik Award 2006 iTunes

Pilgrims of the Soul

Medieval & Traditional Music from Voyages of the Body and the Spirit -
Sarband live at Baalbek Festival Lebanon. JARO 2003  iTunes

Dream of the Orient

Sarband & Concerto Köln - «Alla Turca» compositions by Mozart, Gluck, Kraus & Toderini
meet contemporary music from the real Seraglio of the Ottoman Sultans.
The ultimate «Abduction into the Seraglio». Vladimir Ivanoff's pioneering program and
arrangements were the model for many other productions to follow in it's footsteps.
Deutsche Grammophon / Archiv 2003 - Echo Klassik Award 2003 iTunes

Alla Turca: Oriental Obsession

Fruitful musical understanding & misunderstandings between Orient & Occident ….
Mozart's «alla turca» motiv combines the pieces of this exotistic anthology into a «rondo«
of familar & unfamiliar elements. Teldec 1998 / JARO 2001 At Our Shop

Danse Gothique / Satie en Orient

Erik Satie & Guillaume de Machault: brothers in spirit - masters of musical space & time.
«Without any doubt, one of the most important CDs of the year.»
Mátyás Kiss, Neue Musikzeitung (Germany) 3/01
JARO 2000 / Nocturne 2010  iTunes

Fallen Women / Sacred Women

Women as Composers and Performers of Medieval Chant: «… what about the music?
From a performance standpoint, it is better than good, it's magnificent. From an engineering
standpoint, it is better than good, it's exquisite.» Gilbert Head, Rambles (USA), 07. 06. 2002
JARO 1998 / Dorian 2001  iTunes


Sephardic Songs from the Mediterranean: «A jewel of a disc.» Dirty Linen (USA) 5-2000 / «Throughout this recording, El-Hage's voice is enchanting, subtly expressing the many emotions that run across these songs …» Folk Tales Magazine (USA), 31.10.2000
Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 1996   amazon mp3

Sephardic Songs / Ballads of the Sephardic Jews

Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Music from Medieval Spain: «… a fine piece of musical
archeology … » Carool Kersten, Rambles (USA), 28. 12. 2002 / «… very sensuously performed, very passionate. … This is an impressive release; the performances are sensitive and the sound is excellent.» Crawford, American Record Guide 63 (USA), 04-05/2000
JARO 1995 / Sonifolk 1998 / Dorian 1999  At Our Shop

Llibre Vermell

14th century pilgrim songs from the Monastery of Montserrat (Spain). «This CD is truly a
necessary part of anyone's library of medieval music. Intriguingly combining influences
from both Western Europe and North Africa with the solemn piety and joyful secularity that
are both often associated with medieval music, Sarband has created a recording of subtle
yet astounding beauty.» Folk Tales (USA) 5.11.2000  / JARO 1994 / Dorian 1997
At Our Shop

Music of the Emperors

Music from the Courts of Tamerlane (Samarcand) and Frederic II. (Palermo).
«A fascinating bridge between Orient and Occident.» AUDIOplus, 8/1992
JARO 1992   At Our Shop


Medieval Italian Laude & Sufi Music in the Tradition of St. Francis and Mevlana Rumi.
JARO & Columbia Japan 1990   At Our Shop

Mystères / Mystèries

This album is a cooperation between the famous Bulgarian female choir «Mystère des Voix
Bulgares» and Sarband and was produced by Sarband's musical director Vladimir Ivanoff.
It is a musical voyage from past to future, Orient to Occident.
JARO 1989 - Grammy Nomination 1994  At Our Shop

Project CDs

Cycle: Canto de la Vida

Sarband under the project name «cycle», in a pure voices & percussion setup, with singers
Fadia el-Hage and Pino de Vittorio. Birth, live and death around the Mediterranean.
Deutsche Grammophon/Archiv 2004   amazon mp3

L'Orient Imaginaire: Yehudi - Jewish Music from the Seraglio

Sarband under the project name «L'Orient Imaginaire»: The first anthology of Jewish composers (18th to 20th centuries) working in the classical Ottoman style.
Teldec 1998 / World of Sarband 2009  iTunes

L'Orient Imaginaire: (Into the) Labyrinth

Sarband under the project name «L'Orient Imaginaire»: Into the Maze of Past and Living
Traditions: Medieval European & Bulgarian Music. Sarband and the soloists from the
Bulgarian State Female Choir explore the centuries-old crossroads of Bulgarian traditions.
Teldec 1998 / World of Sarband 2009  At Our Shop

Metamorphoses/Vox: Genesis

The first Classical Surround production ever. Metamorphoses carry traditional choral music into a new dimension with the aid of electronics and computer acoustics. Human voices fuse
with the counterpoint created by their electronic conversion to create unfamiliar, three-
dimensional sound scapes which arise out of the concurrence of the real space of a church
acoustic and the virtual space of multichannel electronics.
Teldec 1998 / World of Sarband 2009  At Our Shop

Metamorphoses: Miserere

Vladimir Ivanoff's pioneering arrangement of Allegri's Miserere for choir and cornetto
was the model for many other productions to follow in it's footsteps.
Teldec 1998 / CCn'C 2001 / Hearts of Space 2003  At Our Shop

VOX: X Chants / Divine Rites

Chants from the Early Christian Arab Tradition in new Arrangements.
«Vox forges a unique, unforgettable alloy between ancient sacred mysteries
and contemporary recording technology.» Dirty Linen (USA), 9/1999
Erdenklang 1997 / Hearts of Space 1999  At Our Shop

VOX: From Spain to Spain

A Musical Journey through Historical Times and Geographic Spaces.
«An unbounded dialogue of cultures, continents and ages is created.
All-embracing World Music» Stereo (Germany), 7/1992
Erdenklang 1992 / Real Music 1994 / Si-Wan 1996 / Origins 1996  At Our Shop

VOX: Hildegard von Bingen - Diadema

Vladimir Ivanoff's pioneering arrangements of Hildegard's chants,
the first ever combination of Medieval chant with electronics and computer acoustics,
were the model for many other productions to follow in it's footsteps.
«Vox have succeeded beautifully in interpreting this truly spiritual music in such a way
that its depth and relevance are more apparent than they would have been through
a strictly traditional performance.» Heartbeats (USA), Spring 1992
Erdenklang / Polygram  / Origins 1990 - Real Music 1994  At Our Shop



J. S Bach:  «Erbarme Dich»
CD Arabian Passion
J. S Bach: 
«Jesum von Nazareth»
CD Arabian Passion
J. S Bach: 
«Und weinete bitterlich»
CD Arabian Passion
«Abo dKochto»
CD Vox Feminae
«Den ljuse dag»
CD Vox Feminae
«Casta catholica»
CD Vox Feminae
«Fa Fa Mi Re»
CD Vox Feminae
«Lamma Badda»
CD Pilgrims of the Soul
C. Goudimel / A. Ufki:
Psalm 9
CD Sacred Bridges
Dede E.: «Yine bir guel»
CD The Waltz
CD Canto de la vida
E. Satie: 1. Gymnopédie
CD Danse Gothique
E. Satie: 1. Gnossienne
CD Danse Gothique
E. Satie: 5. Gnossienne
CD Danse Gothique
E. Satie: Les Anges
CD Danse Gothique
CD Dream of the Orient
«Miri it is»
CD Labyrinth
«Leblerinden oeperek»
CD Yehudi
«Nani Nani»
CD Sepharad
«Ayyu-ha s-saqi»
CD Sephardic Songs
«Una tarde de verano»
CD Sephardic Songs
Elçi Peşrev
CD Alla Turca
«Kyrie Eleyson"
CD Fallen Women
CD Llibre Vermell
«Strençi li labri»
CD Music of
the Emperors
«Nur-i Cemali»
CD Cantico
«Ogreiala mesechinka»
CD Mystères




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